We are B-Droix

Who we are?

We are an innovative R&D company specializing in building solutions and consulting in the field of indicating development directions, building a competitive advantage, implementing innovation and acquiring funds for research and development in enterprises.

Our values

In all aspects of our business, we are guided by the values that are most important to us. We always focus on:

  • People
  • Development
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Openness to challenges
  • Know-how
  • High Quality
  • Responsibility

The aim we claim

Our Mission

Our mission is to support our partners in the area of innovation, indicating development directions and building tailored R&D solutions.


From Need to Product

We support clients from the very identification of the need for innovation, through the audit of activities, identification of competitive advantage, development of a development and innovation strategy, to support in acquiring funding, project implementation and creating an advanced product.



Past - Present - Future

Our History

We were established in 2017. Our first project was B-Droid, a robot for automatic pollination of plants. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology.


From the very beginning, we implement our projects in cooperation with enterprises and production companies, so that our ideas become real products and find their place on the market. We cooperate in supporting activities in the field of Research and Innovation (R&D), we implement R&D projects of building a development strategy and planning innovation. We support our clients in obtaining funding for the development of their products. Together we change the world.

  • 2017 – company establishment date – the first project carried out in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology – B-Droid.
  • 2020 – the company’s development within the launch of the “Footwear of the future” project in cooperation with Protektor and SAI Solutions.
  • 2021 – commencement of permanent cooperation with SmartFactor within energy projects.
  • 2022 – cooperation with Express in the implementation of the Workeo project.

Teamwork is a Key

Our Team

Our team is a group of scientists, researchers, visionaries and solution creators. The founder and main originator of B-Droix is Rafał Dalewski Ph.D. We work with doctors of technical sciences as well as graduates and students of technical and other universities specializing in science. We run internship programs for selected students of technical universities.

  • Rafał Dalewski

    Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Sciences

  • Przemysław Bibik

    Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Sciences

  • Karol Suprynowicz

    Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Sciences

  • Jakub Tomasiak

    Master of Science in Engineering

  • Jerzy Walczuk

    Master of Science in Engineering

  • Dominika Szyszko

    Master of Arts in Management