As part of the cooperation, we will guide your company through the development path, from the innovation audit and identification of R&D needs, through the development of a development and innovation strategy and support in obtaining funding from EU, NCBR or regional funds, to the full implementation of the R&D project and implementation innovative changes, certifications, reports on innovative processes and patent applications.

Support for Operational Departments

Support for R&D activities

We become an external R&D department for our clients. We conduct research and innovation projects, development tasks and all work supporting internal projects. As part of the cooperation, we will provide support to other departments of your company in innovative activities.

Support for the Management Board

Strategy for the development and innovation planning

As part of the cooperation, we will conduct a full audit of your innovation, research and development activities. We support management boards of enterprises in building a development strategy, in planning innovations, and introducing R&D in all areas of the company’s operations.

R&D Outsourcing

Implementation of R&D projects on demand

Do you have a project written, but you lack staff and resources for efficient and timely implementation? We will take over and implement specific project tasks, implementation of stages, separate research areas and entire projects. We will prepare project documentation and research reports for you, and we will assist you in preparing communication with research centers and co-financing institutions.

Support for the Management Board

Support in acquiring funding

We will guide your company all the way to acquiring funding from R&D support programs. We have experience in preparing and defending applications to the National Center for Research and Development, EU Funds, regional funds and other institutions supporting R&D. We will guide you step by step through the entire process, from budgeting, through the development of an application, acquiring funding, to the settlement of budgets and financial reporting of the project.

Support for Production Departments

Product development and innovation

We will conduct an audit of products and their manufacturing processes. We will prepare development documentation, schedules and a product development budget. We will develop innovative solutions for your product. We will find solutions that give you a competitive advantage as part of innovation. Your product will not be left behind.